Srpen 2009


17. srpna 2009 v 20:09
proste pauza...
najhoršie leto v mojom doterajšom živote

názov článku...

10. srpna 2009 v 20:03
ľudia vy netušíte ako mi je....
nechcem mazať tento blog, ale zrejme sem hodnú chvíľu vôbec nič nenapíšem...
och bože...

chain from kattTtty :D

5. srpna 2009 v 23:35 | michael jackson.... wait, what?! |  chains
1. Where is your cell phone? everywhere! ;] haha just kidding, its right here in front of me :)
2. Your significant other? i DO NOT have any significant other xD
3. Your hair? brown, long, of course, pshh.... :D
4. Your mother? sleeeeeping zZZzzZZzz
5. Your father? is something here... i think... [:
6. Your favorite thing? uff uhmm.... eeh... my clothes? no,..cellphone? no... mp4? :D i dont know.
7. Your dream last night? uuuu that one was really sweet ^_^
8. Your favorite drink? juice :D:D 100% orange juice :)
9. Your dream/goal? to live (at least a YEAR!!) in america :)
10. What room you are in? im in MY room :) i mean, my&brothers room
11. Your hobby? :D everything :D
12. Your fear? gosh im really scared of dark o_O sometimes... sometimes its really fun, u know :D but when i imagine "Salad Finger", (for example) im really scared :(
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? 6 years... hm i will be 22, UNIVERSITY!! duh... o_0
14. Where were you last night? laast nigh i was gonna go out but i didnt......... i was reaaally reaaallyyy bored (and drunk LoL) at home o__O
15. Something that you aren't? right now... im not peeed :D i mean, nie som vyčúraná :D:D
16. Muffins? čokoládové mufiny s pomarančovou kôrou <3
17. Wish list item? u mean itemS?? :D haha tých by bolo ^^ right now its boyfriend :(
18. Where you grew up? in the most beautiful place in the world <3
19. Last thing you did? singing "this aint nothing but a summer jam"
20. What are you wearing? aren't you perv? o_O ok, anyways... nohavičky (krásne žlté s puntíkmi ^^) a triko, a pomožky a podprdu o_O
21. Your TV? I dont have tv. but OURS tv living rooom :D
22. Your pets? do not have any. wait!! i HAVE! Maui, on facebook ^^
23. Friends? my "friends" are..hmm how to say that. theyre "bad" at me x( :'(
24. Your life? yeah.... my life.... MY life... got it??!!
23. Your mood? id repeat what KaTty wrote here: not so good and not so bad.
26. Missing someone? yeah.... love ya lenuššška <3 :)
27. Your car? haha i WISH :D i want mustanggg <3
28. Something you're not wearing? jewelery :D
29. Your favorite store? H&M, New Yorker, a číňaky samozrejme :D:D just kidding.
30. Your favorite color? at the moment i like natural colors: green, brown, yellow, gray... :)
31. When is the last time you laughed? awww las time i really LAUGHED was at like.. 1:00 pm when i watched videos from year 1996 ^_^ my cousin was sooo sweeeet. he kept saying "šak, tamka! šak tamka :D" adorable.
32. Last time you cried? that wasnt so long time ago..... hmm, just a few days ago... :'(
33. Favorite Thing? yupp
34. One place that I go to over and over? bathroom o_O
35. One person who emails me regularly? urghhhh RIGHT NOW hes writing me "love" messages :D gosh hes ugly xDD sorry but he IS...... whyyy?? :'( why ony ugly guys like me? :(
36. My favorite place to go eat? at my grandma's
37. One place you would like to go right now? toilet :D:D
38. One person you think will respond? noone :D